The Story.


I'm Jocelyn, owner of AiClay and artist behind the miniature food works. I’ve been working as a food miniaturist since 2009,

Welcome to AiClay, my little haven of realistic hand-sculpted food miniatures, made into jewelry and decor treasures. If you like what you see, make it yours with a simple click!

Each piece of my work is individually handcrafted by me, unless stated otherwise. I am entirely commited to creating and only selling works which have met my standards, and not anything of lesser grade.

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AiClay’s Craft Workshops

In 2012, I launched AiClay's craft workshops and discovered my love for teaching craft. It's my pleasure to reintroduce making things with our own hands, back into the hectic lives of individuals whose hands have gotten so used to the cold keyboard.

For a good few hours, participants forgot about any worries in work or life, and devote all energies into the craft of food miniaturisation.

We chat, we laugh, and we craft. It's a good party.

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Do Small Things with Great Love

It is a bit of a coincidence that small exists in my life in so many ways. 

I'm a small person (150cm), from a very small country (Singapore), and guess what, I make terribly small items. 

I'm proud of SMALL, and I know that many times, it screams louder than its bigger counterpart.

Lastly, thank you.

Ever since I started AiClay fulltime in 2011, I've been blessed to receive much support from my family, my customers and followers worldwide, and even coverage from the media.

I’ve also been terribly blessed to have worked with an amazing client portfolio, including McDonald's, Epson, National Heritage Board (Singapore), Hasbro and even larger-than-life individuals like John Legend.

Thank you to all. It's been quite a journey thus far, and I will keep working hard.

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