• Why is the item not an exact replica to the one pictured on the website?

Do note that colours may be slightly different from photos due to different computer monitor settings.

Also, as each item is hand sculpted individually, note that you will not be getting exact replicas of the items shown in photos, but each piece is unique to itself. However, they will look very similar and only vary in the slightest.


  • I have an idea that I do not see on the website / I see something on your social media (facebook/instagram/flickr) which I do not see for sale on the website.

I welcome custom/commission orders as well, so just email me at buzz@aiclay.com with details so that we can work on your ideas! Please understand that your commissioned order might be put up on the website afterwards as a regular product, and prices for commissions would usually be higher than regular products due to the initial R&D required for the commission.

Likewise, if you are interested in a listed item but would like something changed (colours, size etc), contact me and I would be happy to put up a listing just for you.


  • How do I pay for commission orders?

After confirming a mutually agreed upon description of the custom order, I will email you an official invoice (if required), and payment can be completed via ibanking / PayNow / PayPal (for overseas customers).

 Please note that I will be accepting full payment before I proceed with making your commission order.

  • This order will be a surprise gift, I don’t want him/her to chance upon pictures of the order on your social media/website.

Please email me with instructions to withhold pictures or details of your order until it has reached the hands of the receiver. Otherwise, I have all rights to post pictures/details of my works on my social media sites as I deem fit.


  • How long will the sculpting period be for custom orders?

The sculpting period is dependent on complexity of item and list of pending custom orders, and would be provided to you before I create the listing. On average, they range from 2 weeks to a month.


  • Can I sell AiClay products on my own website or physical store?

I welcome all vendors of AiClay products. However, I must require you to state on the selling webpage or physical store that it is an AiClay product to your customers. Please email me to discuss more if you are interested in becoming a vendor of my products.

  • How can I get a discount on the website?

As all items are handsculpted by me and require a lot of time and effort individually, please understand that I cannot give discounts to anyone who asks for it. However, there are a few ways you can obtain discounts on AiClay products.

  • 10% discount for wholesale orders

While the effort required to work on multiple items is the same as working on a single item (as each piece is still individually handsculpted), I will still award discounts as an act of appreciation for your generous support.

  • Discounts via AiMail

Sign up for my newsletter (AiMail) via the link at the bottom of the website, and you will receive occasional updates of exclusive discount codes and promotions on the website. 

  • Would you be willing to appear in ___ Media Production / Project / Collaboration? 

Please email me at buzz@aiclay.com if you have any ideas on how we can collaborate, or if you're looking to feature AiClay. I would definitely love to hear more about it, and we can discuss from there.

  • Can I call you for more enquiries?

Currently, I'm afraid not. Due to my hectic work schedule and the nature of my work, I very much prefer to communicate via email as opposed to picking up phone calls. Please allow at least 7 working days for me to get back to your email, as it’s mainly a one-woman team here.